Supply Chain Advices that are different adapted transparent customizable for your business

Our team is formed of multidisciplinary experts in the supply chain to support you in your projects. C2.0 is to offer a different and reinvented consulting service.

Three core business services : transportation, procurement & inventory, IT & Systems

Our Services

We are supply chain consultants

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Together we will bring your projects to a higher level.

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Procurement & Inventory

Procurement is at the core of a company's practices. This is why we give it a very special attention.

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Transportation & Distribution Network

Often the last step in your customer service, transportation and its network become the final image of your company.

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IT & Systems

In order to improve the efficiency of operations and decisions, we recommend different systems according to your business needs.

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Contact our team and we will be happy to help you solve challenges in your business reality.

Our approach

All C2.0 mandates are carried out in close collaboration with the client. We begin by assessing the needs in order to fully understand the strategic, tactical and operational issues. Through data analysis and mapping of processes and systems, we become a major asset in establishing sustainable and innovative strategies. Once we have identified the ideal strategy, we suggest recommendations, customized solutions and the best tactics to achieve the desired result. Finally, our team accompanies the client with its operations, in order to implement the different recommendations.











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What our clients say about us

I was recently teamed with C2.0 on a very large and complex bid event, with a lot of visibility. Conseil 2.0’s representatives were highly skilled and experienced. Their partnership was invaluable to the success of the project. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Conseil 2.0. I learned a lot from them.
The way C2.0 puts itself in the daily life of its client is exceptional and brings an experience where you feel understood. I would say that this is the strength of C2.0, they surround themselves with staff from different backgrounds which allows them to match their staff to the right clients and projects.

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