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Our team is formed of multidisciplinary experts in the supply chain to support you in your projects. C2.0 is to offer a different and reinvented consulting service.

Three core business services : transportation, procurement & inventory, IT & Systems

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We are supply chain consultants

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Together we will bring your projects to a higher level.

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Procurement & Inventory

Procurement is at the core of a company's practices. This is why we give it a very special attention.

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Transportation & Distribution Network

Often the last step in your customer service, transportation and its network become the final image of your company.

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IT & Systems

In order to improve the efficiency of operations and decisions, we recommend different systems according to your business needs.

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Contact our team and we will be happy to help you solve challenges in your business reality.

Our approach

All C2.0 mandates are carried out in close collaboration with the client. We begin by assessing the needs in order to fully understand the strategic, tactical and operational issues. Through data analysis and mapping of processes and systems, we become a major asset in establishing sustainable and innovative strategies. Once we have identified the ideal strategy, we suggest recommendations, customized solutions and the best tactics to achieve the desired result. Finally, our team accompanies the client with its operations, in order to implement the different recommendations.











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What our clients say about us

I was recently teamed with C2.0 on a very large and complex bid event, with a lot of visibility. Conseil 2.0’s representatives were highly skilled and experienced. Their partnership was invaluable to the success of the project. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Conseil 2.0. I learned a lot from them.
The way C2.0 puts itself in the daily life of its client is exceptional and brings an experience where you feel understood. I would say that this is the strength of C2.0, they surround themselves with staff from different backgrounds which allows them to match their staff to the right clients and projects.

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Romain Brajeul, Directeur conseil développement des affaires P2P, consultant en chaîne d'approvisionnement

Romain Brajeul

Account Director - P2P Business Development

Romain Brajeul has been a professional in the procurement field for more than 13 years. His analytical profile, creativity and ability to lead change management have allowed him to evolve in world-renowned companies. He practices his expertise in purchasing and logistics (transportation, customs and compliance) on complex projects. His experience in team management and product development allows him to cover the entire production process.

Coordonnatrice marketing

Lili Ménard, MBA

Marketing Coordinator

Passionate and committed in the field of marketing, Lili is a very important asset for Conseil 2.0. With an MBA in Strategic Marketing from Laval University, she knows how to value the company and help it to exceed its limits.

Involved in several projects during her university journey, Lili has developed her skills and put several projects into action. These different experiences allowed her to perfect her skills and have a good strategic sense.

Lili is rigorous, meticulous, dynamic and creative in her job. Moreover, her creativity and her sense of organization allow her to support the consulting team while leaving her marketing touch.

Albert Fingercwajg, Consultant en chaîne d'approvisionnement chez Conseil 2.0

Albert Fingercwajg

Supply Chain and Logistics Consultant

Albert Fingercwajg is a supply chain and logistics professional, with more than 30 years of experience on 3 continents (Europe, North America and the Middle East, who has developed a global vision of these two disciplines. He is recognized for his positive leadership and his transparent and constructive professional relations, both in the field of procurement (public and private) and in that of logistics (national and international).

His knowledge of business management allows him to fully understand the issues and challenges of companies, whether they are manufacturers or service providers, in order to be able to optimize their procurement strategies, the control of their logistics and the reduction of the number of sellers.

Having worked for several international carriers, he has expertise in different types of transport (air, sea, trucking) as well as a certain knowledge of custom requirements and operations, therefore allowing him to have a vision of both Client and freight forwarder.

During his career, Albert Fingercwajg has led numerous teams in several companies. He was a director early in his career, leading people in manufacturing, logistics, project procurement, public procurement and purchasing.

Oumaima Ben Sassi, Analyste logistique chez Conseil 2.0

Oumaima Ben Sassi, Msc Ing.

Supply Chain Consultant

Oumaima possess a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a master in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Currently, she’s preparing a Master of Science in Automated Manufacturing Engineering at École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS).

During her studies, Oumaima was involved in many projects related to supply chain management such as networks modeling, simulation, and optimization, as well as projects related to inventory management. She also has shown her skills throughout different internships where she contributed in the system quality management and in continuous improvement.

Her research skills are an important asset for our team. Particularly, in the construction sector, Oumaima assists one of our clients in a Research and Development project. This innovative initiative allows her to show her abilities in logistics and develop her knowledge in supply chain management.

In addition to her professional conscience, Oumaima is appreciated for her friendliness, her enthusiasm and adaptability.

Samuel Berthiaume, Analyste logistique chez Conseil 2.0

Samuel Berthiaume, B. Ing

Supply Chain Consultant

Samuel is a young professional who just graduated in Industrial Engineering. He also holds a Technique in Business Management and a certification as a Green Belt in Lean-6 sigma.

With his academic background, Samuel is aware of the business need for many North American companies and he’s very motivated to bring a new vision to the projects that he’ll work on.

He gained experience in the manufacturing field throughout three internships, as Continuous Improvement Analyst and as a Production Manager. Samuel is able to identify and propose solutions tailored to business needs.

Christelle Delbos, Consultante en chaîne d'approvisionnement chez Conseil 2.0

Christelle Delbos, MBA

Supply Chain Consultant

Christelle’s participation in various business projects in the sector of transportation and logistics has allowed her to use her expertise with success to optimize procedures and to manage bids including the recent SAQ International Transportation Bid.

Christelle is dynamic, analytical, determined and with a keen ability when it comes to working with others, as well as in cross cultural environments.

She has experience in various management roles in the Transport industry and in Operations between Canada, the United States, Spain and France.

Christelle holds a Bachelor/ Master in Economics specialized in International Economics and Development, and a Master in Business Administration(MBA), specialized in Supply Chain Management.

Éric Blanchette-Ouellet, Consultant en chaîne d'approvisionnement chez Conseil 2.0

Éric Blanchette-Ouellet

Supply Chain Consultant

Éric Blanchette-Ouellet is an bilingual and experienced manager and consultant with a stron gknowledge of public procurement, information management, market development and business relations with public entities.

For various clients, Eric has worked to optimize procurement processes, inventory management and even the position of procurement inside the organization. He has also contributed to updating the legal framework of public procurement in Quebec.

A few years ago, Eric has helped the Quebec healthcare network to implement EDI with its suppliers. In this position, he worked closely with GS1 Canada in establishing the EDI and GDSN guides for healthcare in Canada.

Eric also teaches for Cégep Garneau and Cégep Lévis-Lauzon, mainly Procurement and Logistics courses, but also Contract Law, and the use of the Office suite.

During his career, Eric has been a director on many Boards, such has the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) Board and the Association Québécoise de la Logistique et de l’Approvisionnement du Secteur de la Santé (AQLASS) Board, and has chaired the Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC) for a few years.

Maxime Gil-Blaquière, Analyste d'affaires chez Conseil 2.0

Maxime Gil-Blaquière, B. Ing, CBAP

Business Analysis Consultant

Maxime has a variety of skills which he has been able to hone over the years in order to become proficient as a business analysis consultant as well as in different system operations sectors such as, transport, order management, telematics and software optimization.

Maxime is a supply chain professional who is passionate about his work and thrives in a team environment and relishes a challenge.

He has experience as a replenishment planner, a continuous improvement coordinator, a supply chain specialist and as a technical service supervisor. These experiences, coupled with his attentiveness and analytic profile have provided him with additional opportunities in department sustainability (documentation, hiring, people engagement) and allowed him to work in solution design, system improvement, process mapping and inventory management.

He attended l’École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), where he obtained a degree in Génie des Opérations et de la Logistique.

Afef Bouguerra, Consultante en chaîne d'approvisionnement chez Conseil 2.0

Afef Bouguerra, PhD

Supply Chain Consultant

Afef Bouguerra has been heavily involved in a variety of projects. Her involvement with clients such as Jenaco, Moisson Montréal and Walmart has provided her with numerous opportunities to exercise and excel through her skills in optimization of the distribution network, managing tenders, and data analysis.

Gifted with her incredible perseverance, she is well prepared to see any challenge through to its end.

She has experience in supply chain management, teaching and research and frequently works with software such as Power BI and CSO.

She holds a PhD in Logistics and Mathematics.

Martin Nadon, Consultant en chaîne d'approvisionnement chez Conseil 2.0

Martin Nadon, B.A.A.

Supply Chain Consultant

Martin has acquired a broad range of skills which allow him to specialize in a number of sectors, notably, in inventory, purchasing, distribution, data analysis and transportation. His involvement in these sectors has highlighted his success in reducing inventory, optimizing the distribution network, and the implementation of various systems.

His analytic mindset, charisma, and the ease with which he collaborates and communicates with others provide him with the proper tools to achieve his goals.

He has experience in production planning, logistics, supply and distribution.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration specialized in production and operations management from HEC (l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales).

Daniel Vendette, Président de Conseil 2.0, Consultant chaîne d'approvisionnement et logistique, analyste logistique

Daniel Vendette MBA, CCLP

President & Founder / Supply Chain Consultant

President founder of C2.0, Daniel has more than 30 years of experience with international organizations, improving functions of Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics. His experiences are as much in an operational level than tactical and strategical aspects.

He plays an active role in the canadian logistics community. Speaker in logistics conferences, Daniel is the outgoing President of Montreal’s section of the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT)

Daniel has negotiated important mandates for firms worldwide and within various industries. His key competences are notably in transport, distribution, outsourcing, customer service and managing ERP projects.