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Daniel Vendette - Président C2.0

Daniel Vendette MBA, CCLP

President & Founder

As the founding president of Conseil 2.0, Daniel Vendette boasts over 30 years of experience with international organizations in improving supply chain, transportation, and logistics functions, at both operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

Daniel plays an active role in the Canadian logistics community. He is a speaker on logistics topics and serves as the outgoing president of the Montreal chapter of the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT).

Daniel has negotiated significant mandates for firms worldwide across a multitude of industries. His key skills include transportation, distribution, outsourcing, customer service, and ERP project management.

Driss Chabi

Driss graduated in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnique de Montréal in 2019 and quickly developed strong expertise. His skills encompass process mapping and analysis, inventory management, procurement, and budgeting. For nearly 3 years, he held the role of supply chain analyst, followed by a 2-year period as a business analyst in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

With a solid work methodology, Driss can identify needs, implement technical solutions, and rigorously test them to ensure their reliability. His skills also extend to system implementation and strategic analysis.

Driss stands out for his enthusiasm for challenges, fueling his passion for consulting. His reputation is built on a strong professionalism and a proactive approach. His ease of communication and strong interpersonal skills enable him to build trust-based relationships with his colleagues.

Thibaut Maenner

Consultant - Procurement

Thibaut Maenner has been a consultant for over 5 years, primarily focusing on procurement and process improvement. He has worked with a diverse range of clients across various sectors, showcasing his skills in data analysis, process mapping, tender management, and dashboard creation.

With a background in engineering science, Thibaut began his career as a consultant in R&D. Subsequently, he led missions in optimizing procurement and process improvement, notably contributing to reshaping business processes and order management, as well as establishing the European purchasing department. He later specialized in enhancing performance in the supply chain through projects involving cost reduction and digitalization of the procurement function. This included managing tender projects, integrating digital tools into the Source-to-Pay (S2P) cycle, and mapping logistics processes during the implementation of transport simulation tools.

Thibaut’s ability to adapt and succeed in diverse environments reflects his agility and resilience. With a wealth of consulting experience, he now dedicates himself to procurement projects at Conseil 2.0.

Hélène Guédéhoussou

Hélène, a holder of a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, specializing in Production and Logistics, has expertly led a multitude of projects, demonstrating diligence and commitment to her clients. She has brilliantly facilitated workshops for organizational process redesign, defined key requirements, and designed innovative solutions to meet client needs. Her extensive technical expertise and keen attention to detail have enabled her to identify effective transformation strategies and mitigate risks, while her teamwork and structured work have ensured project success. Her dedication to delivering high-quality results and her methodical approach have been valuable assets in all her endeavors.

Kai Zhao

Kai is an MBA student at McGill University with 8 years of professional experience as a logistics officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. Known for his resourcefulness, leadership, and pragmatic approach to problem-solving, he excels in leading and integrating diverse teams. His expertise in planning and executing complex operations has been demonstrated in roles such as second-in-command and movement officer, where he managed high-stakes missions and collaborated with various stakeholders. Kai’s background, combined with his MBA, prepares him to develop innovative solutions for complex challenges.

Charlotte Vallée, CHRP

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Charlotte has been working in the talent acquisition field for nearly 6 years, continually expanding her expertise and dedication.

With a bachelor’s degree in administration specializing in human resources from HEC, she honed her skills for 5 years at an executive search firm. In this role, she guided and assisted clients from diverse backgrounds in the search and selection of the most qualified candidates.

Charlotte excels at building interpersonal relationships, effortlessly connecting with the individuals she meets. Her open-mindedness, perseverance, and optimistic nature are captivating. These qualities have allowed her to stand out in her field and make a positive impact in the search for exceptional talent.

Afef Bouguerra - Employés C2.0

Afef Bouguerra, PhD

Practice Leader - Transportation & Networks

Afef has left her mark on a multitude of diverse projects within leading companies such as Jenaco, Moisson Montréal, and Walmart. These collaborations have provided Afef with the opportunity to refine and expand her skills in distribution network optimization, procurement management, and data analysis.

Her unwavering tenacity is an invaluable resource, enabling her to successfully carry out her projects with excellence. Her journey reflects her experience as a supply chain manager, as well as in the fields of education and research. She frequently wields software tools such as Power BI and CSO, attesting to her mastery of cutting-edge technologies.

Notably, Afef holds a doctorate in logistics and mathematics, bestowing upon her a high level of expertise. Her commitment to the continuous development of her skills is equally evident with her recent certification in the “L’effet A” training.

Michael Muro - Employé C2.0

Michael Muro

Senior Consultant - transportation & networks

Michael Muro, a professional in the supply chain field, sheds light through multiple facets. He specializes in transportation and networks, addressing a multitude of topics such as network optimization and modeling, system selection and implementation, transportation tender processes, or more broadly, logistics operations diagnostics. Endowed with undeniable analytical aptitude, his rigor and open-mindedness make him an adaptable professional to a diverse range of clients.

The scope of his skills doesn’t stop there: his expertise seamlessly extends across both the manufacturing sector and retail. Michael has accumulated valuable experience in both consultancy and on-the-ground execution. This duality has provided him with a holistic perspective on the challenges that businesses face as a whole.

Michael is capable of addressing issues with both a strategic and operational vision. His ability to navigate complex challenges and determination to achieve pragmatic solutions make him a preferred partner for any supply chain-related project.

Amine Lazrak

Business Analyst

Amine holds degrees in business management and IT support. As a motivated and detail-oriented business analyst, he offers a unique blend of business management skills and IT expertise. His strong foundation in business principles, coupled with his sharp understanding of technology to enhance operational efficiency and strategic decision-making, sets him apart.

Currently pursuing a university certificate in information technology to expand his technical skills, Amine has developed his professional experience as a business analyst on a variety of projects. He has demonstrated his analytical and problem-solving skills. Alongside his role as a senior support agent, he has gained significant expertise in project management and team supervision.

Amine is adept at translating business needs into technical specifications and vice versa, facilitating effective communication between business stakeholders and technical teams. His recent launch of the Enterprise Business Analytics (ECBA) certificate attests to his commitment to continuous learning in the field of business analysis.

Confident in his ability to bring value to organizations in search of qualified business analysts, Amine embodies a valuable combination of skills and a determination to excel in his field.

Patrick Gilbert MGP, CSSBB

Consultant - Transportation & Networks

Patrick is a supply chain professional with a strong background in logistics and project management. Thanks to his leadership, teamwork, and ability to work in a dynamic environment, Patrick is capable of adapting to a wide range of clients from various industries. He possesses skills in planning, project management, and continuous improvement, allowing him to develop innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of supply chain operations.

After completing his studies in operations and logistics management, as well as earning a master’s degree in project management, Patrick had the opportunity to undertake numerous large-scale projects in both supply chain management and continuous improvement. He worked in various companies, including the manufacturing sector and retail, where he executed projects such as warehouse redesign and distribution network optimization. His project management studies and Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma have enabled him to manage complex projects while adhering to deadlines and budgets.

Patrick has now joined the ranks of Conseil 2.0 and is involved in logistics, distribution, and inventory management projects to help businesses enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of their supply chain.

Ophélie Laroche

Marketing Manager

Ophélie holds a degree in marketing, communication, and human resources. Endowed with a strong sense of autonomy and organization, she also excels in creativity, designing marketing tools tailored to specific needs. Ophélie offers a diverse marketing approach, focusing on details and centered on customer expectations.

Her professional journey encompasses the role of marketing project manager on a wide range of projects, where she demonstrated analytical skills in areas such as market analysis and social media content creation. She also shone in event management, from preparation to organization, showcasing her versatility.

Ophélie’s analytical ability allows her to accurately pinpoint the marketing needs of both clients and the organization to best meet their expectations. With her confidence, she is convinced of her ability to bring a touch of creativity and originality to various marketing projects within the organization, thus adding distinct value.

Éric Blanchette-Ouellet

Practice Leader - Procurement

Éric Blanchette-Ouellet is an experienced bilingual manager and advisor with a deep understanding of public procurement, information management, market development, and relations with the public sector.

Dynamic, empathetic, and results-oriented, Éric has ensured the optimization of purchasing processes, inventories, and the procurement function for several clients. He has also played a role in the development and updating of the legal, regulatory, and administrative framework of Quebec’s public procurement.

Éric has coordinated the implementation of an electronic data interchange (EDI) system with suppliers and the healthcare network. In this capacity, he collaborated with GS1 Canada for many years to establish guidelines for the use of EDI and GDSN in healthcare in Canada.

Éric is a part-time lecturer at Cégep Garneau and Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon, primarily offering courses on the purchasing process, inventory management, contract law, and the use of software applied to human resources management.

Throughout his career, Éric has served on several boards of directors, including the Association Québécoise de la Logistique et de l’Approvisionnement du Secteur de la Santé (AQLASS) and the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN), in addition to chairing the Canadian Council of Public Procurement (CCPP) for several years.

Noémie Bilodeau - Employés C2.0

Noémie Bilodeau

Principal Consultant - Procurement

Noémie Bilodeau holds a master’s degree in Operations Management from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), providing her with a solid foundation for her professional journey. Her diverse career has given her extensive expertise in supply chain and supplier management, process reengineering and optimization, as well as the implementation of S2P and VMS systems.

With a palpable passion, Noémie stands out for her rigor and active collaboration. She ensures the development of tailor-made work methodologies for each project, perfectly aligned with their specific requirements.

Her experience has led her to work in complex sectors such as the food industry and aerospace. These demanding environments have allowed her to hone her problem-solving skills and acquire a remarkable ability to adapt to the specific constraints of each industry.

Noémie emerges as a savvy professional, capable of combining sharp expertise with an adaptable and success-oriented approach.

Audrey Lépine

Consultant - Transportation & Networks

Audrey, a graduate in Operations and Logistics Engineering from ÉTS, has strengthened her academic background by obtaining key certifications. She is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, holds Level 1 of Llamasoft Supply Chain Design, and has recently earned the ECBA certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis.

During her studies, Audrey honed her skills in procurement and continuous improvement through multiple internships. She contributed to process improvement projects and logistics optimization initiatives.

Her experience spans the public and private sectors, showcasing her versatility. Audrey is ready to take on new challenges and collaborate within teams to develop sustainable and tailored projects in response to specific needs.

Maxime Petit

Maxime is a accomplished leader in supply chain management and engineering, holding a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering. He has successfully led various projects, including transitioning suppliers to implement SAP Ariba, redefining procurement and logistics operational models, and standardizing processes in regional distribution centers.

Maxime played a crucial role in the long-term strategy of the pharmaceutical supply chain, facilitating decisions on internalization, outsourcing, and system selection. He also contributed to the launch of new treatments by designing system architectures with stakeholders and validating them with project sponsors. His leadership, versatile expertise, and ability to effectively manage complex projects have been valuable assets throughout his career.

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